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What if Neal didn't have that opportunity to escape in In Darkness and Hope?

Years later two children are running for their lives when they run into two very important individuals.

Spiraling off of "Paternal Discoveries," this story is about the young twins, their mom Elizabeth, and how their step dad Peter came into the family...

This is a sequel to 'Animula', an AU where a rare few are born with math and logic skills that border on supernatural, branded as soulless and traded as cooperate slaves by the Market.

It's a good thing George is in London for the evening.

Meanwhile, Neal Caffrey's stuck in a pub, waiting for Merlin - and the good (hopefully) news about his future with Kingsman.

Case: The fantasy world of Comic-Con explodes into a nightmare for Neal and Peter. Mozzie goes over to the Burke's to stand up for his best friend.

Merlin has a small assignment for Roxy and Eggsy after the vote to make Neal Caffrey the new Tristan.

He needs them to get hold of the cell phone of one George Deschanel, a museum security expert who might be planning to rob the museums he's working for.

Alternate timeline to In Darkness and Hope but can be read as a standalone.

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