Validating national provider identifier Modern chat rooms

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This means it's important your employees tell you their specific super product, so you can make sure you use the right USI.A USI is publicly available information you can find on a super fund's website, or by using Super Fund Lookup.If you are struggling to find a Super Stream solution, you should contact your super fund to discuss your options.They may be able to offer you a tailored payment option that meets the Super Stream requirements.You need to take reasonable steps to find a Super Stream solution for your business.

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You may be able to pay by cheque direct to them, if they can undertake the electronic transfer of the Super Stream information and payment on your behalf.

If your business makes super contributions for you to your own SMSF, you can continue using your current processes.

All employers need to take reasonable steps to find a Super Stream solution that suits their business needs.

All employers should be paying super and sending the corresponding data in an appropriate electronic format.

If your business is not doing this, you are not compliant with Super Stream.

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