Updating links on excel

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It is the fastest way to create Power Point slides from Excel. Download the Push Add-in and start saving time today.

Just select the cells, charts or object you wish to insert into Power Point, click the Push button. Once the links are created in the presentation, you may need to update them at a future point.

You can use the Property inspector to link to a particular section of a document by first creating named anchors.

Named anchors let you set markers in a document, which are often placed at a specific topic or at the top of a document.

You can also tell Dreamweaver to create new links using site root–relative paths.

Always save a new file before creating a document-relative path; a document-relative path is not valid without a definite starting point.

When you use this feature, the presentation changes automatically each time your workbook changes. The process of linking an Excel document to a Power Point presentation is pretty straightforward.

Simply copy a range from Excel (The pasted image will now be linked to Excel.

For instance, you can attach a behavior to a null link so that it swaps an image or displays an absolutely-positioned element (AP element) when the pointer moves over the link.

Script links execute Java Script code or call a Java Script function and are useful for giving visitors additional information about an item without leaving the current web page.

Script links can also be used to perform calculations, validate forms, or do other processing tasks when a visitor clicks a specific item.

To use site root–relative path instead, you must first define a local folder in Dreamweaver by choosing a local root folder to serve as the equivalent of the document root on a server.

Dreamweaver uses this folder to determine the site root–relative paths to files.

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