Updating library

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I'd suggest trying a clean portable install, see if you still have the same problem and post a log if you do. What`s strange though is that the update library function was working when I first installed Kodi 17 .981 T:7812 NOTICE: Video Info Scanner: Starting scan ..

When updating an asset, all properties and data relating to that asset, such as attributed tags, permissions, and shares remain intact.As an aside, this is yet another reminder that you shouldn’t trust tools like i Cloud or even Adobe Lightroom, backup to the regular files system early and often because you definitely do not want your photos trapped in someones database.Please note: The current process for updating and renewing your library account online has many steps and is not completely intuitive. If you update your telephone number or email the update goes into effect immediately.If music you've recently purchased from the Google Play Store or uploaded from your computer isn't showing in your Google Play Music library, try the steps below.Check your library after each step to see if it has synced correctly.

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