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So, has anyone else attended one of these churches, do you really think they can contact the dead..?I've been to a few of them in and around Birmingham, trying to find a 'good' one ..luck! of course she did you silly cow, we are in Halifax, they are all skint around here!She got in to this through a woman who has been treating her for a bad back, Recki or something..Seemingly she had messages off loadssssss of dead relations..She asked her if anyone suffered from a bad back ( well thats half the country ) But no, mam insisted it was her she was talking about.Although the woman above already knew she suffers from a bad back so could have past that on.At the end of the interview, Dawkins pointed out to the muppet that he'd spoken to his grandmother the day before on the telephone (she was still alive! I have been to the spiritualist church here in leicester a long time ago when i started my own self development and spirituality and it was very interesting - yes there are some that are just praying on ppl that have lost loved ones but some are real too - I myself have helped a few ppl make contact with their loved ones even one that never believed but it isnt something I can turn on and off at will - I am still developing my abilities and due to some real life traumas I have kinda lost my way spiritually but am working on getting back to it.I would never dream of pushing my views and beliefs on anyone either:) It seems to me right now you mum finds comfort in going to the regular meetings - as one comment suggested why dont you go with her one time - but at the end of the day if she finds comfort and feels good after she goes to the meetings that what harm is it?

I have attended several churches and am into spirituality but wouldnt ever enforce my view on anyone as we are all diverse.

There are a number of options within Spiritual Passions to help connect members, including the following: Spiritual ‘Groups’ allow members to find others who share very specific interests / similarities.

Spiritual Forums allow members to post on topics of interest.

and yes I also know about Reiki and it also does work (i personally do hands on healings and absent healings myself) - and i feel Reiki will help her back, but i personally believe that the pain in our bodies most of the time are because of blockages somewhere in our life - so she would have to open up to the reiki trainer about whats been going on in her life etc.

As I sdont like to push my beliefs on others I only recommend that a non believer atleast go and see what its all about - who knows they may find the experience fullfilling in one way or another - I know I did when I first went:)I've been to one 3 times.....

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