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After all, teens are in the process of trying to form their own identity separate from their parents.

Keeping secrets is often an important way teens learn to make their own decisions and face their own mistakes.

Thus, the concept of secrecy among parents and adolescents can be controversial depending on the content of the secret, the individual or group keeping the secret, and the underlying motivation for absolute secrecy.

The Role of Secret Keeping: Every generation of teens has it's trials and tribulations, but there is little doubt that today's teenagers face more challenges and obstacles than ever before.

Let me ease the pain by assuring you that it's not only normal, but also an important part of human nature to keep secrets from those we care about.

The media plays a key role in how teens decide when to keep secrets, when to disclose them, and who to disclose them to.

Many teens gravitate to programs like ABC Family's because they can directly relate to the dilemmas and feelings of the characters secrets.

Since children do not begin to individuate from their parents during the early stages of human development, they are more likely to disclose their secrets to trusted family members.

However, by early adolescence, teens are acutely aware that secrecy allows them to create their own identity which often requires keeping specific information from their parents.

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