Query for updating a node in hierarchial tree structure

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However, without the help of my friend and fellow MVP Peter Thornton, lots of functionality would not have been available now. Furthermore, Access MVP Ben Clothier was kind enough to make the necessary adjustments to incorporate the treeview in an Access form Also: Fellow Excel MVP Ron De Bruin ensured the treeview also works on MAC Office 2011, Thanks Ron!

All code in the treeview is (c) JKP Application Development Services and Peter Thornton (the Authors). However, we're offering this treeview to you at no cost.

Many, many hours were spent developing this treeview.

Although we developed it for use in our own projects, we are giving it away for free!

If you have ever used the Treeview control from the "Additional controls" section, then you know what a versatile control this is to show hierarchically organized data.

Our new List Grid combines most of the functionality of the Active X Listview and Flexgrid controls with many extra useful features.I started building this a couple of weeks ago and after some time I tricked Peter Thornton into helping me with it The screenshot below shows both our new Treeview (left) and the Windows one (right) side-by-side in their simplest display mode (read on, there are even prettier screenshots further down the page): Two treeviews, left: VBA tree, right: Common controls tree In the following pages I'll show what our treeview can do and explain how to put it to use in your own VBA project.Our treeview was tested (and works) on 64 bit Office. Tested applications include: Excel 2000 Excel 2003 Excel 2010 Excel 2010 (64 bit) Excel 2011 (MAC Office) Excel 2013 (32 bit) Access 2003 Access 2010 (32 bit) Access 2010 (64 bit) Windows screenshot: Treeview demo on Windows Excel Mac screenshot: Screenshot of treeview on Mac Excel 2011 The basic plumbing and code structure of this treeview control was devised by me.Ron de Bruin created a Date Picker control for MAC Excel. Haven't attempted to walk through the code yet to get my head around what's happening here. Some questions and thoughts off the top of my head, none of which diminish the fact in any way that this is freakin genius: 1. Nodes reflect the hierarchy of the pivot, plus each node display the aggregated data measure, and the more you drill down, the lower and lower aggregation you get. Caption Re 1#, There is no problem as far as the treeview is concerned to show the form as vb Mmodal or vb Modeless Re 2# Key events are exposed and a node remove (delete) method is built in, so it's very easy to include your key-delete - In the demo form, in mc Tree_Key Down add the following between Select.. You might want to include some code to validate OK to delete before calling Node Remove.We are currently developing a listgrid/listview control. Sorry about the error in Get Data2, something got changed at the last moment! re 3# Do you mean literally and image of the Tree View?

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