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When Ricky invites his teacher to his family vacation home in the hopes of finding some answers and clarity, Ricky’s mother and daughter learn the truth about their relationship and the teacher’s misdeeds.A tense, bloody confrontation ensues, compelling the family to contend with their past, while looking ahead to a future that might have a glimmer of hope.Gertie and JP must face down the legacy of violence that they share with the ghosts next door and decide whether they will escape Sheepshead Bay and start a new life on higher ground or remain and face their fate.Workshops/Developmental Readings: LARK Play Development Center, New Dramatists Van Lier Project, Ars Nova Playgroup, Labyrinth Theater Company.Linda is fighting a losing battle with cancer, leaving Gertie to single-handedly care for their teenage kids, JP and Renee.When Linda wakes up to find Jack’s spirit lingering in the backyard, the two families are thrown into a tail spin as Jack threatens to unearth the hard truths about Linda’s illness, as well as his own untimely death.

When the couple strikes up an unlikely friendship with Oscar and Gertie Linares, their straight-laced next-door neighbors, it seems the ghosts of Jack’s past have slipped away.

A contemporary love story about fidelity, maturity, and the masochism of online dating, Zero Feet Away explores whether the direction of progress is best guided by endless choice or singular commitment.

Workshops/Developmental Readings: Roundabout Underground Series, New York Theatre Workshop, Ars Nova’s Out Loud Series, Celebration Theater’s Celebrating New Work Series (LA).

a few years ago: "I hate the expression gold digger.

At the end of the day, men who have money are successful and that is an enormous aphrodisiac.

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    Dating and relationships can produce negative or distressing consequences: Flirting can become uncomfortable, or relationships themselves can end and necessitate a cutting off of contact between parties.