Matt leinart dating

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Leinart proposed to Loren, an actress, over the weekend.

She shared a photo on Instagram showing off the ring: Woke up this morning (with a headache) thinking last night was a dream but my left hand told me it was real…yep, I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend.

"It's funny to think about the roller coaster that we've gone through," says Ryan of the journey through their new album..

Former Arizona Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart and his girlfriend Josie Loren are tying the knot.

Brynn and Blake are now the proud parents of Ford Wilson Cameron-Griffin, who was born August 1st.

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Do you ever regret your draft-day decision even to this day? What is your outlook for this team for the 2009-2010 season?

Former USC basketball star Brynn Cameron has an eye for athletic sperm. The birth certificate lists Brynn as the mother and Blake Austin Griffin as the daddy. in the baby daddy sweepstakes, Brynn is a Hall of Famer.PM PT -- We just ran into Leinart and gave him the ole Seinfeld ...

You may recall she had a baby with NFL QB Matt Leinart. As for the child she had with her baby daddy Matt, 6-year-old Cole lives primarily with her and we're told she's getting a boatload of child support -- we know she was getting k a month.

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What were some of the roadblocks you encountered during this process? How did your vision (sound, feel, stories) evolve as you ...

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