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By the time she hits town though, she had become human again.She and Xander dated and were engaged until he called it off on their wedding day. Dawn Summers (Michelle Trachtenberg)Then: Dawn was sent to be Buffy's little sister, but is of mystical origins disguised as a human to hide the Key. It must be one of those self-healing vampire shirts then.How did Buffy know Riley was leaving at midnight - he only told her he was leaving that night. Since leaving the show, Mark has signed up to appear in no less than six feature films: They, We Were Soldiers, A View from the Top, Sunshine State, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and Summer Catch.

He was also the only Scooby without supernatural powers.Now: After taking a break from television, she continued her film career with the Willow Rosenberg (Alyson Hannigan)Then: Hannigan played Buffy's nerdy best friend who later came into her own as a powerful Wiccan and later a lesbian.Now: Aside from playing ex-band camper Michelle in the , now in its seventh season.Award winning actress Sarah Michelle Gellar still misses her costar and friend Robin Williams.She showed her love for the stand-up comedian and actor on Friday, August 11, 2017, on the third anniversary of his death.

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