Letter to editor mandating vaccine

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If Virginia-based members would all write to their legislators and newspapers, perhaps someone would take notice.As an aside, I am appalled at the widespread physician complicity on this matter.I am willing to supply nearly any child a medical exemption to hepatitis B vaccination, but I cannot reach the public if the media and legislature refuse to publish or discuss my letters.Therefore, I am appealing to your organization for help.

The Division of Immunization of the Department of Health next added the requirement that children entering kindergarden or first grade must be vaccinated against hepatitis B.How much harm must our children endure at the whims of state health officials? Parents should show this letter to their pediatricians and ask about the risks and benefits of hepatitis B vaccination. I encourage pediatricians and family practice physicians to issue medical waivers because the likely harm to infants and children from hepatitis B vaccination far outweighs any benefits. RE: HEPATITIS B VACCINE, Submitted by Jane Orient, M. Her father ended up in a nursing home with pneumonia.Is the risk from the vaccine greater than the risk of the flu?

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