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He has served and advised Plentyof Fish (7 years), Meetme, Dating Factory, Global Personals (9 years) and numerous high performance dating sites, and has worked in the online community space since 1998. In 1999 Mark helped develop an early personality profiling dating site called Hypermatch which was sold to EZBoard.

In 2003 he worked with Jonathan Abrams at Friendster to seed the Friendster community through media relations, promoters and events.

June 2004) has no ads, no fluff, just raw news, official rankings and CEO interviews relevant to the Online Personals and Matchmaking Industries. After graduating in 1994, he sold non-contact laser-based metrology and particle measuring systems to the likes of HP, Intel and Seagate.

_________________ Mark Brooks operates a boutique consultancy that exclusively serves internet dating and social networking companies. Engineering Management from the University of Hertfordshire (near London), online dating was just beginning to take shape on the message boards and forums of the internet. By 1998, Mark saw the potential that the internet held for helping people connect and moved to California and started an adventure and social events club serving Silicon Valley that grew to 3600 members, and then help start eturn (now Remoba), an early competitor to Plaxo.

Speed dating continues to be popular but is a tiny market.

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This newly updated 7th edition study is a fascinating analysis of one of the oldest professions-matchmaking.IDEA OASIS will also promote ethical social networking and online dating management for both our members as well as to the general community at large.Member sites will be given a unique and numbered IDEA OASIS logo to place on their website to show their clients they are in full support of the standards and ethics that Idea Oasis promotes.- Eric Strauss, CEO, - Brad Hogg, CEO, Relationship Exchange - Lowell Selvin, CEO, Planet Out Partners - Judith Meskill, Senior Editor, Web Logs Inc.- Michael Jones, CEO, Userplane - Ahmed Fazil, Partner, The CTO Group, Inc.

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