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People use nicknames (also known as nicks) to identify themselves, e.g., in chat rooms (also known as channels), bulletin boards or social networks on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Nicknames play a special role in chat discourses for direct addressing; the way in which people address one another.

Direct addressing, also known as "addressivity" (Werry 1996) or "cross-turn reference" (Herring 1999), opens up the possibility of taking part in more conversation at the same time for the participants.

But explicit direct addressing is not always used or required, for instance, for addressing a message to everybody in a channel (Mutton 2004a).

The aim of this paper is to analyze the relationship between IRC nicks, which are used by the current logged-in chatters, and the identified shortened or creatively changed forms of nicks from written messages for later automatic discourse analysis.

Nicknames have been used since the Middle Ages and today in a computing context the word nickname is omnipresent, especially in computer-mediated communication.It is a multi-user, multi-server and multi-channel text-based chat system for near real-time communication.There are several different independent IRC networks (e.g., Quake Net, IRCnet, Undernet, EFnet).There are many things we can learn from classic literature. Our favorite books teach us lessons, deep lessons, lessons about the human condition and the human heart. I’d never say “Farewell” to the times, including* the Time of Cholera.

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