Dating world russian phrases

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Coming home, you will smell an appetizing odor of delicious and very tasty dinner.Russian food is quite miscellaneous: soups, salads, meat, vegetables, pancakes with cottage cheese, and an apple pie for dessert. You will have an interesting company If you are looking for Russian women for dating, you might be interested in a perfect company to spend your life in.Even the most successful career with a future promotion has a secondary priority.

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You will fully enjoy family life As it has already been mentioned, Russian girls are family-oriented in comparison to Western women. While Western women want to climb the career ladder, having no time for private life, Russian women try to do their best to combine their jobs with happy families because for them, there is no place like home.

You will get a faithful partner in life If you start thinking about dating a Russian woman, don’t hesitate to do that. She will be by your side through thick and thin, facing challenges together, and will support in any situation. In Russian history, there was a moment when during the Decembrist revolt men were sent into life-long exile to Siberia and their partners followed them voluntarily just because of their love and great desire to be together despite everything.

In Russia, there is even a phrase “Decembrist’s woman”, describing such a faithful partner.

They don’t make rash decisions and always try to save all they can. You will face some demands If you are looking for Russian girls for dating, you should be prepared that Russian girls are very demanding in some questions. You will be expected to open a door, help her with outerwear, make little gifts from time to time, and allow her to be weak and irresistible.

You have to love your woman because she will not be able to show all her best features without mutual love. You will be always expected to be a gentleman and even a hero from time to time.

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